(NEDERLANDSE VERSIE: www.anthonypaul.nl)

My paintings respond to the endless variety and fascination of  the human drama, the physical and sensory world, the flow of life. Some works look abstract, while others are tied more closely to familiar visible world, but all my work is rooted in observation and my sense of the world and of all life as an interconnected and unending process. 

I want my paintings to be alive and to stay alive on the wall, with everything in the picture vibrating together and interacting: colours, light and dark, the rhythm of the marks on the canvas. I want textures that resonate and open up mysterious spaces so that the picture becomes fuller and more intricate the closer and longer you look at it.

Much of my work explores a tension set up by opposites: male and female, figurative and abstract, surface and depth, organic and inorganic. The Blake pictures seek to embody the paradoxical combination of surface simplicity and spiritual depth that is so characteristic of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience.