(Nederlandse versie: www.anthonypaul.nl)

I can be contacted at Valeriusstraat 15-2 1071MB Amsterdam, NL :  anthpaul@hotmail.com

I was born in Caernarvon, North Wales and read English literature at New College, Oxford.

Since 1972 I have lived in Amsterdam. Up to 2002 I taught translation studies and English literature at the University of Amsterdam.

My published books include novels: A Present from Hugo, Down the Rabbit Hole, Barbaren; a book for children, The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes (recently (2013) reissued); a doctoral thesis on Shakespeare, The Torture of the Mind;  Macbeth, tragedy and chiasmus. In continuation of this literary-academic work I have recently been involved as writer and editor in the International Rhetoric Culture Project (http://www.rhetoricculture.org). 

From 1979 to 2001 I wrote many book reviews for the weekly Vrij Nederland, and  interviewed such writers as Joseph Heller, Margaret Atwood, Anthony Burgess, Angela Carter.

I have painted all my life, since 2002 intensively.  For me, the most important part of my artistic education has consisted in looking hard for many years at the world around me and at all kinds of art.